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The structure and functional unit of the environment is known as

A. Biome
B. Ecosystem
C. Biosphere
D. None of these

___ is the process that powers the Sun and the stars.

A. Nuclear Fission
B. Nuclear Fusion
C. Both A & B
D. None of these

Carbohydrates are stored in plants and animals in the following respective form.

A. Starch and Glycogen
B. Starch and Glucose
C. Cellulose and Glucose
D. None of these

Mass is a same physical quantity as?

A. Weight
B. Inertia
C. Displacement
D. None of these

Water and salt is produced by reaction of acid with____

A. Aqueous solutions
B. Base
C. Hydroxides
D. None of these

When the temperature increases, resistance decreases in_____

A. Metals
B. Insulator
C. Semi-Conductor
D. None of these

The atomic number of Hydrogen is ___

A. 01
B. 02
C. 03
D. 04

Mercury Thermometer was invented by?

A. Ian Tunning
B James Gosling
C. Daniel Gabriei Fahrenheit
D. None of these

The disease spread around the globe is termed as

A. Epidemic
B. Pandemic
C. Endemic
D. Zoonotic

Who is regarded as the father of political science?

A. Plato
B. Aristotle
C. Karl Marx
D. None of these