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Antonyms MCQs | Past Papers English Mcqs with Answer Keys for written test preparation of all competitive exams in Pakistan, specially PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, UTS, FTS, OTS.

Choose the best antonym: Imprimatur

A. Approval
B. Disapproval
C. Sign
D. Authoritative

Choose the antonym: Ebullient

A. Elated
B. Glum
C. Sparky
D. Jaunty

What is the antonyms of abrupt.

A. Gradual
B. Rude
C. Faulty
D. Gruff

The antonym of Bane is

A. Blessing
B. Ruin
C. Despair
D. Trial

The antonym of Ecstasy is

A. Bliss
B. Miserly
C. Exultation
D. Happiness

Choose the antonym Detest___

A. Loathe
B. Love
C. Abominate
D. None of these


Choose the antonym Deny___

A. Acknowledge
B. Veto
C. Repudiate
D. None of these

The antonym of Transmit ?

A. Withheld
B. Proceed
C. Revoke
D. None of these Continue reading

The antonym of Blooming ?

A. Lively
B. Quite
C. Fading
D. None of these Continue reading

The antonym of Benign is___ ?

A. Malevolent
B. Kind
C. Soft
D. None of these Continue reading