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To view the websites we use ____

A. Browser
B. WhatsApp
C. Ellta?t
D. None of these

Inbox in E-mails refers to ?

A. Location of Spams
B. Location where received mails are kept
C. Location of Deleted Mails
D. None of These

Which is used for open a website?

A. Browser
B. Gmail
C. Yahoo
D. None of these

BCC Stands for ?

A. Blind Caron Copy
B. Brown Caron Copy
C. Blue Caron Copy
D. None of these

DSL stands for ——- ?

A. Disc Super Line
B. Digital Subscriber Line
C. Digital Super Line
D. Disc Subscriber Line

which statement describes “Hackers”?

A. All have the same motive
B. Break into other people’s computers
C. May legally control computers
D. Are people allergic to supercomputers

Which is the largest (biggest) search engine of internet?

B. Google
C. Yahoo
D. None of them

A set of tests ensure that computer and peripherals are working correctly is called:

A. Registry
B. Load
C. Post
D. Cold boot

The process of transferring data from a storage device to memory is known as:

A.  Boot
B.  Load
C.  Post
D.  Install