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To write 2 in x2 in word we use the key to another?

D. None of these


Ctrl + Shift + is used for

A. Font size
B. Redo
C. Delete
D. None of these

Which function key is used for opening help?

A. F1
B. F2
C. F3
D. F4

To select a group of worksheets we press and hold key and select the sheet we went to add.

A. Alt
B. Ctrl
C. Shift
D. None of these

The Key Used to cancel the Current Task is ?

B.  End
C.  Ctrl+End
D.  None of These

F5 key is used or What key is the F5 key?

A. Rename the selected file
B. Refresh the Active Window
C. Copy and Paste (optional demand)
D. None of These

Ctrl + A is for____?

A.  To Save
B.  To Select Whole Area
C. To Bold
D.  None of These

Which key is between the Ctrl and Alt keys__?

A. Shift
B. Enter
C. Window
D. Space bar

Which operation you will perform if you need to move a block of text ?

A. Copy and Paste
B. Paste and Cut
C. Cut and Paste
D. Paste and Delete

One of the first recognized calculating device was?

A.  Abacus
B.  Analytical engine
C.  Difference engine
D.  None of these