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#value! Which type of error record in Excel?

A. Numerical error
B. Syntax error
C. Excel doesn’t recognize the formula
D. None of these

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In Excel, a Data Series is defined as what?

A. A type of chart
B. A cell reference
C. A collection of related data
D. A division of results

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Which key is used to create chart in MS Excel?

A. F6
B. F9
C. F11
D. None of these

The ____ option is used to show a specific row or Column on every printed page?

A. Print layout
B. Print title
C. Print view
D. None of these

What does the NOW() function return in Excel?

A. Past time
B. Current time
C. Future time
D. None of these

8/9 write in Excel without formula then it shows?

A. Fraction
B. Date
C. Table
D. None of these

For spreadsheet which software is used

A. MS Word
B. MS Excel
C. MS PowerPoint
D. MS Access

Which value remain unchanged in MS Excel

A. Constant
B. Function
C. Variable
D. None of these

Which is correct form in MS Excel?

A. 6A
B. A6
C. (A6)
D. +A+

Go to command in excel is located in____

A. Menu
B. Find
C. Search
D. Help