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Recently, Who won the Indian Wells Open 2022 (Tennis)?

A. Taylor Fritz (US)
B. Rafael Nadal (Spain)
C. Novak Djokovic (Serbian)
D. None of These Continue reading

In which game expedite system include?

A. Snooker
B. Tennis
C. Table tennis
D. Rugby

How many Wimbledons has Djokovic won?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Who won Wimbledon 2021 men’s final?

A. Matteo Berrettini
B. Novak Djokovic
C. Roger Federer
D. Rafael Nadal

Andre Agassi was a famous player of?

A. Tennis
B. Badminton
C. football
D. cricket

Ping Pong is the second name of?

A. Tennis
B. Snooker
C. Volleyball
D. Table Tennis Continue reading

The No1. Tennis Player (Men) is?

A. Novak Djokovic
B. Rafael Nadal
C. Roger Federer
D. Andy Murray

In which game Clay court is used?

A. Volleyball
B. Tale Tennis
C. Tennis
D. None of these

Ping pong was the old name of?

A. Football
B. Lawn Tennis
C. Ice-Hockey
D. Table Tennis

What is the old name of Table Tennis game?

A. Ping Pong
B. Poona
C. Ching Chang
D. Chirik Dong