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Idioms MCQs |Past Papers English Mcqs with Answer Keys for written test preparation of all competitive exams in Pakistan, specially PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, UTS, FTS, OTS

What is meaning of the idiom To turn over a new leaf

A. To cover up one’s fault by wearing new marks
B. To change the o1d habits and adopt new ones
C. To change completely one’s course of action
D. To shift attention to new problems after having studied the old ones thoroughly

Nip in the bud

A. Stop from start
B. Stop from end
C. Both
D. None of These Continue reading

Complete the idiom: “A penny for your”____

A. Effort
B. Hard work
C. Apples
D. Thought

The idiom ‘To bury the hatchet’ means ?

(A) To make peace
(B) To make a foolish choice
(C) To make a wrong decision
(D) To lose something important Continue reading

Complete the Idiom with a pair of words: “A sleeping_____ catches no_____.” ?

(A) Bird: Worm
(B) Dog: Cat
(C) Fox: Poultry
(D) Hen: Chick Continue reading

What does the idiom mean “spill the beans” ?

A. To reveal secret information
B. To misbehave
C. To keep secrets
D. To talk irrelevant

Complete the idiom “Hell hath no fury like ______?

A. A women scorned
B. A burned woman
C. A woman forgetten
D. A Devil s advocate

Express the meaning of following idiomatic: I tried to offer Javed help with the project, but he’d rather “plough a lone furrow”?

A. remain unaffected
B. do without the help of others
C. survive in isolation
D. remain non-aligned

Complete the Idiom” Don’t judge a book by its_________?

A. Reading it
B. its cover
C. it colour
D. Its size

Complete the idiom: A blind man’s wife needs to _______?

A. Make up
B. Jewels
C. Accessories
D. Paint