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World Current Affairs MCQs with Online Test and Quiz for written test preparation of all competitive exams in Pakistan, specially PPSC, FPSC, CSS, PMS, NTS, UTS, FTS, OTS,

Recently, in which country has the first case of poliovirus since 1988 been discovered?

A. Israel
B. Turkey
C. Spain
D. Russia

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Recently North Korea end diplomatic relations with__?

A. South Korea
B. America
C. Malaysia
D. None of these

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The Ukraine Plane crashed in Iran. Iran called it?

A. Cruise Missile
B. Human Error
C. Pilot Mistake
D. None of these

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On 4 April 2022, Ross Taylor got retired from Cricket, He is a right-handed batsman of?

A. South Africa
B. England
C. New Zeeland
D. Australia

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According to WHO, _____ % of the world Population is breathing polluted air?

A. 70%
B. 80%
C. 90%
D. 99%

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The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2022 was won by____, defeating by England

A. India
B. Australia
C. South Africa
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Total Participants in FIFA World Cup 2022 are?

A. 31
B. 30
C. 32
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