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Analogy, Weightlifter: Strength:

A. Goalie: Skill
B. Dancer: Speed
C. Marathoner:Endurance
D. Hiker: Agility

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Choose the pair of words that best express a similar relationship Diffident: Arrogant

A. Agony: Pain
B. Fearful: Timid
C. Energetic: Lucky
D. Day: Night

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Change voice: People are spending less money on Shopping.

A. Less money is being spent on shopping by people.
B. Less money is spent on shopping by people,
C. Less money is being spend on shopping by people.
D. Less money has been spent on shopping by people

I have a very____book selection.

A. Considered
B. Logical
c. Judicious
D. Smart

Choose the correct sentence

A. I have two brother in law
B. I have two brothers in law
C. 1 have-two brothers in laws
D. None of these

Choose the best antonym: Imprimatur

A. Approval
B. Disapproval
C. Sign
D. Authoritative

Choose the correct sentence.

A. Two boys are helping each other
B. Two boys are helping one another
C. Two boys are helping each other
D. None of these

We shall differ____ you in this matter.

A. With
B. From
C. To
D. None of these

Choose the correct analogy Mother: Daughter

A. Son: Father
B. Brother: Sister
C. Queen: Princess
D. None of these

Choose the antonym: Ebullient

A. Elated
B. Glum
C. Sparky
D. Jaunty