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The Capital of Srilanka is?

A. Colombo
B. Jaffna
C. Kandy
D. None of these

The capital of Georgia is___?

A. Accra
B. Helsinki
C. Port Moresby
D. Tbilisi

Capital Of Lebanon Country?

A. Beirut
B. Cairo
C. Bako
D. None

Ashgabat is the capital of____?

A. Afghanistan
B. Tajikistan
C. Turkmenistan
D. None of These

The capital of Saudi Arabia is

A. Medina
B. Jeddah
C. Dammam
D. Riyadh

The capital city of New Zealand is:

A. Wellington
B. Christchurch
C. Adelaide
D. Auckland

Minsk is the capital of which European country?

A. Hungary
B. Macedonia
C. Belarus
D. Bosnia

Which is the capital city of West Indies?

A. Port of Spain
B. Harare
C. Puerto Rico
D. None of these

Abuja is the capital of:

A. Nigeria
B. Panama
C. Mali
D. Ghana