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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is:

A. Value of all economic activity within a nation’s border
B. Economic output of a country
C. Economic activities of federal government
D. None of these

India is making efforts to join the NSG. What does NSG stand for?

A. Nuclear Suppliers Group
B. Nuclear States Group
C. Nuclear Sanctioned Group
D. None of these

One of the problems of trading with India is the NTBs against imports. What does NTB stand for?

A. Negative Tariff Barriers
B. Non-Tariff Barriers
C. Negative Tax Base
D. Non-Tariff Base

N.A.T.O is abbreviation of:

A. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
B. Non-Aligned Treaty Organization
C. Non-Aligned Trading Organization
D. North American Transport Ordinance

What does ‘www’ stand for?

A. Web World Wide
B. Wiki World Web
C. World Wide Web
D. World Wide Wiki

BASIC stands for____________

A. Beginners all purpose symbolic Instruction code
B. Beginners aided purpose symbolic Instruction code
C. Beginners aided all purpose symbolic code
D. None of A, B, C

LCD stands for_____________

A. Liquid crystal display
B. Land crystal display
C. Light crystal display
D. Liquid control display

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 replacing the MDGs. What does MDGs stand for?

A. Millennium Development Goals
B. Multilateral Development Goals
C. Multisectoral Development Goals
D. Modest Development Goals

The European Union has given GSP Plus facility to Pakistan ‘for promoting of exports to Europe. What does GSP stand for?

A. Government Subsidy Programme
B. Generalized System of Preferences 
C. General Sales Preference
D. Growth Support Programme

EBDO stand for?

A. Elective bodies disqualification order
B. Elective body disqualified order
C. Elegant body disqualification order
D. None of above