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Choose the pair of words that best express a similar relationship Diffident: Arrogant

A. Agony: Pain
B. Fearful: Timid
C. Energetic: Lucky
D. Day: Night

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The synonym of Upbringing is___

A. Leaving
B. Desertion
C. Neglect
D. Breeding

What is the meaning of In the lieu of

A. Further
B. Instead of
C. Additionally
D. Along with

The synonym of Churlish is

A. Brave
B. Shy
C. Uncivilized
D. Foolish

The synonym of Prodigal is

A. Provident
B. Profligate
C. Miserly
D. Frugal

The synonym of Impromptu is.

A. Prepared
B. Unprepared
C. Train
D. Rehearsed

The synonym of Facsimile ____is

A. Duplicate
B. Original
C. Native
D. Initial

The synonym of Heterogeneous is___

A. Like
B. Different
C. Matching
D. Parallel

The synonym of Rear is___


The synonym of Harmony is.

A. Disturbance
B. Concord
C. Agitation
D. Hatred