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First country who issued currency notes in the world

A. Greece
B. China
C. Italy
D. Russia

What is called the reduction in the rate of a currency?

A. Devolution
B. Devaluation
C. Price cap
D. Cut-rate

Renminbiis the official currency of:

A. Taiwan
B. China
C. North Korea
D. Philippines

Currency of Malaysia is

A. Kyat
B. Malaysian
C. Ringgit
D. Peso

The currency of Bangladesh is ______

A. Rupiah
B. Taka
C. Riyal
D. Dong

The currency of Japan is.

A. Dollar
B. Yuan
C. Ringgit
D. Yen

Yuan is the currency used in?

A. China
B. North Korea
C. Bhutan
D. Iran

Currency of Malaysia?

A. Riyal
B. Ringgit
C. Yen
D. Pound