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Analogy, Weightlifter: Strength:

A. Goalie: Skill
B. Dancer: Speed
C. Marathoner:Endurance
D. Hiker: Agility

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Choose the correct analogy Mother: Daughter

A. Son: Father
B. Brother: Sister
C. Queen: Princess
D. None of these

Choose the correct analogy. Blasphemy: Irreverence.

A. Condemnation: Disapproval
B. Optimism: Insight
C. Ignorance: Patience
D. Sorrow: Intention

The Analogy of Lion : Carnivores. Then:

A. Granivore: Reptile
B. Omnivore: Beetle
C. Hen: Herbivores
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The analogy of Coffee: Beverages

A. Burger: Snacks
B. Tea: Milk
C. Butter: Bread
D. Grapes: Wine

Talk : Stammer :: Walk : ___?

A. walker
B. Stagger
C. Run
D. None of These

Choose the correct analogy from the options: “Pride is to lion as shoal is to”

A. Teacher
B. Student
C. Self respect
D. Fish

Choose the correct analogy from the options: “Odometer is to mileage as compass is to”

A. Speed
B. Hiking
C. Needle
D. Direction

Identify the meaning of the foreign phrase commonly used in English Language: MAGNUM OPUS?

A. best work of an artist
B. in great Number
C. Together
D. None of These

Preserve : Animals ::?

A. Lighthouse : Signals
B. Reservation : Wigwams
C. Orphanage : Institution
D. Vault : Money