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Fl2 key in MS Word is used for?

A. Save
B. Save as
C. Restore
D. None of these

Which function key is used for opening help?

A. F1
B. F2
C. F3
D. F4

For spreadsheet which software is used

A. MS Word
B. MS Excel
C. MS PowerPoint
D. MS Access

Web browser stores’ previous information for web pages is termed as____

A. Auto complete
B. Feed
C. Web slices
D. None of these

We set the page numbers in a ____ type of document.

A. Note pad
B. Word processor
C. Both A & B
D. None of these

Website use information called ____

A. Proxy
B. Defender
C. Tracker
D. Virtual private network

_____is the ghosted text behind the content on page in Microsoft word.

A. Watermark
B. Stamp
C. Logo
D. None of these

Which value remain unchanged in MS Excel

A. Constant
B. Function
C. Variable
D. None of these

To select a group of worksheets we press and hold key and select the sheet we went to add.

A. Alt
B. Ctrl
C. Shift
D. None of these

A feature of MS Word that saves the document automatically after every minutes.

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20