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      in Excel2013 and earlier, it Contains 256 Columns, but after that there are 16384.

      The main difference between 256 columns and 16,384 columns in Excel is the total number of columns available within a single worksheet.

      With 256 columns, you have a sufficient number of columns for many common data analysis and spreadsheet tasks. It allows you to organize and manipulate data across a wide range of scenarios, including basic calculations, data entry, and simple data visualization. For most users, 256 columns offer ample space for their needs.

      On the other hand, 16,384 columns provide a significantly larger number of columns, allowing for more extensive data management and analysis. It offers greater flexibility for handling complex datasets, performing advanced calculations, and storing a larger amount of information within a single worksheet. This expanded column limit is particularly useful for specialized use cases that involve extensive data analysis, tracking multiple variables, or importing data from external sources.

      In summary, while 256 columns are sufficient for many everyday tasks, 16,384 columns provide a much larger capacity for handling complex data and conducting advanced analyses within a single Excel worksheet.

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