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Which City Is Known As The Big Apple?

A. Washington
B. Wellington
C. London
D. New York
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On what date “Zindagi App” mobile app was launched?

A. January 5, 2020
B. January 6, 2020
C. January 7, 2020
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Which country joined NATO on March 27, 2020?

A. North Korea
B. South Korea
C. North Macedonia
D. Bolivia

State Bank of Pakistan responsibility ?

A. Implement Taxes
B. Lending Businesses
C. Implement Monetary Policy
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Which surah is known as the heart of Holy Quran?

A. Surah e yaseen
B. Surah e Rehman
C. Surah e Albaqra
D. None

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Paris Pact Ended With ?

A. World War II
B. World War I
C. War Of Independence
D. None

Pakistan and Bosnia Signed Accord for illegal Migrants` return on which date?

A. 1 November 2020
B. 2 November 2020
C. 3 November 2020
D. 4 November 2020

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The 1st Asian Secretary General of United Nations was?

A. Tryve Lie
B. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
C. U-Thant
D. Kurt Waldheim

Which Provinces Were To Be Divided According To 3rd June Plan?

A. Calcutta And Madras
B. F.R And Baluchistan
C. Bombay And Sindh
D. Punjab and Bengal

Third Battle Of Panipat Was Fought Between___?

A. Marathas And Britidhers
B. Marathas And Rajpoots
C. Marahatas And Afghans
D. None

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