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The mausoleum of Anarkali is located in which part of Lahore?

A. Inside the premises of the Secretariat Building
B. Inside the premises of the Governor’s House
C. Inside the walled city near Bhatti Gate
D. Near the mausoleum of the Saint Hazrat Mian Mir

Which catalyst is used for separation of Oxygen and Hydrogen in water (H2O)?

A. Sodium Chloride
B. Heat
C. Electricity
D. Nitric Acid

In MS word, Portrait and Landscape are:

A. Page orientation
B. Paper size
C. Page layout
D. All of these

Simplify 4 + 2 x 3 – 6 + 2 = ?

A. 2
B. -2
C. 4
D. None of these

“The old woman lived alone, with ___to look after _____ “

A. Someone/her
B. Anyone/herself
C. No one/her
D. Everyone/she

Which part of the human body is affected by Hepatitis C?

A. Kidneys
C. Pancreas
B. Spleen
D. Liver

Which vitamin is provided to the human body by sunlight?

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin E
D. Vitamin D

In the field of computers what is one Nibble equal to?

A. 1 bit
B. 2 bits
C. 4 bits
D. 8 bits

A person who suffers from “Claustrophobia” is afraid of:

A. High altitude
B. Confined Places
C. Open Spaces
D. Dark Places

Which one of the following sentence is correctly punctuated?

A. The weather this winter has been: windy, wet and unpredictable
B. The weather this winter has been windy, wet and unpredictable
C. The weather this winter has been, windy, wet and unpredictable
D. The weather this winter has been windy· wet and unpredictable