Quaid-e-Azam’s personal letters are saved in?

A. National Library Islamabad
B. National Documentation wing
C. National Archives Islamabad
D. None of these

Quaid-e-Azam’s letters are saved in?

National Archives Islamabad

The National Archives of Pakistan is an organization founded by the Pakistani government to conserve and make public and private records relevant to Pakistan’s history, culture, and heritage available.

Formed in:  8 December 1973

The National Archives of Pakistan (NAP) has the key collections listed below.

  • The Quaid-e-Azam papers
  • The Fatima Jinnah papers
  • The Ruttie Jinnah papers
  • The Muslim League leaders’ papers/correspondence
  • The National Freedom Movement archives
  • The Allama Iqbal papers
  • The Abol Hassan Ispahani papers
  • The Shams ul Hassan collection (papers, documents, photographs, and other archival material, etc.)
  • The Mufti Fazal Azeem collection
  • The Lakha collection
  • The Malik Lal Khan collection
  • The Nawab Waqar ul Mulk collection
  • The Dawoodi collection
  • The Mian Afzal Hussain collection
  • The Manzoor ul Haq Siddiqui collection
  • The Muhammad Siddique collection
  • The Atiq Zafar Sheikh collection
  • The Hassan Zaheer collection
  • The Ehsan Danish collection
  • The Aziz Beg collection
  • The Sojan Singh Bedi collection
  • The Azra Asghar collection
  • The Kaleem collection
  • The Begum Mahmooda Salim Khan collection
  • Microfilms of newspapers

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