She _______ English now.

A. speak
B. speaks
C. is speaking
D. spoken

Here are some grammatical tips related to the sentence “She is speaking English now”:

  1. Subject-verb agreement: The subject “She” is third-person singular, so the verb “is speaking” needs to agree with the subject in number and tense.
  2. Present continuous tense: The verb “is speaking” is in the present continuous tense, which is used to describe an action that is currently in progress.
  3. Adverb placement: The adverb “now” is used to indicate that the action is happening at the present moment. Adverbs usually come after the verb “to be” and before the main verb in a sentence.
  4. Language proficiency: The sentence suggests that the person can speak English, which is a skill or ability. In English grammar, skills and abilities are often described using the present simple or present continuous tense.
  5. Word order: The sentence follows the basic subject-verb-object (SVO) word order in English. The subject (“She”) comes before the verb (“is speaking”), and the object (“English”) comes after the verb.

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