#value! Which type of error record in Excel?

A. Numerical error
B. Syntax error
C. Excel doesn’t recognize the formula
D. None of these

In Excel, there are several types of errors that can occur in a worksheet. These errors can be broadly categorized into two types: syntax errors and logical errors.

Syntax errors occur when there is a problem with the formula or function that is entered into a cell. This can include errors such as misspelling a function name, using the wrong syntax for a function, or referring to a range that does not exist.

Logical errors, on the other hand, occur when the formula or function is technically correct, but does not produce the intended result. This can happen if the wrong data is entered into a cell, if the formula is not applied correctly, or if the logic of the formula is flawed.

In both cases, Excel will typically display an error message in the cell where the error occurred, which can help to identify and correct the problem. Some common types of Excel errors include #DIV/0!, #N/A, #VALUE!, #REF!, #NAME?, #NUM!, and #NULL!. The #VALUE! error occurs when a formula or function contains invalid data types, such as text instead of a number.


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