‘Jalsa’ in Namaz is?

A. Farz
B. Sunnah
C. Wajib
D. None of these

  1. What is Jalsa in Namaz?

    • Jalsa is a seated position performed during the prayer (Namaz) where the worshipper sits briefly between two prostrations (Sajdahs).
  2. When is Jalsa performed in prayer?

    • Jalsa is performed after the first Sajdah (prostration). The worshipper rises from the prostration and sits briefly in the Jalsa position before moving into the next prostration or standing position, depending on the specific prayer posture.
  3. How is Jalsa performed?

    • In Jalsa, the worshipper sits on their knees with their feet tucked underneath and their hands resting on their thighs. It is a relaxed seated position, and the worshipper maintains this posture for a short duration before proceeding with the next action in the prayer.
  4. Are there variations in the performance of Jalsa?

    • The basic concept of Jalsa remains the same across different Islamic schools of thought. However, there might be slight variations in the specific posture or duration of Jalsa depending on the particular school or personal preference.
  5. Can Jalsa be skipped or modified?

    • In general, it is recommended to perform Jalsa as part of the prayer. However, certain circumstances, such as health issues or physical limitations, may allow for modifications or adjustments in the posture. It is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable religious authority for guidance in such cases.


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